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- As Translator

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- As Translator

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- As Responder

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- As Questioner

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- As Responder

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Handball (see Sports - Handball.)


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Handleman, David

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- As Contributor

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Hart, Raymond

- As Contributor

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Havel, Václav. 1936-2011, President of Czechoslovakia, 1990-1992. Czech Republic President, 1993-2003 [Havel, Vaclav]

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Havránok [Havranok]

- Archeological Sites Issue (SG Slovakia 361; POFIS Slovenská R. 231)

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Häyda [Hayda]

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Hayes, Harry

- As Reviewer

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Health Passports

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Heinz, Bohumil. 1894-1940 (see Stamp Designers - Heinz, Bohumil. 1894-1940.)

Helfetz, by Murray

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- Wooden Church (SG Slovakia 540; POFIS Slovenská R. 429)

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Heydrich, Reinhard

It never happened! Anthony J Bosworth. 3/2013, p.15. {Response from Tony Moseley. 2/2015, p.23.}

Heydrich Assassination

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Hickey, Tony

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Hidden Pictures (see Secret Marks.)

High Schools (see Secondary Schools.)

High Tatras

Unlisted and little known varieties of stamps of CSSR 1945 to-date. Ernest G Taylor. 3/1983, p.33.

- Motifs (SG Slovakia 666-667; POFIS Slovenská R. 546-547)

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- National Park (SG Slovakia 313-314; POFIS Slovenská R. 177-178)

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Hilfswerk für Tschechoslowakiscvhe Kinder [Hilfswerk fur Tschechoslowakiscvhe Kinder]

Children's aid society. Query from Rex A Dixon. 4/2015, p.26.

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Liberation of Czechoslovakia. 3/1998, p.62.

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Masaryk. 4/2001, p.106.

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Steam and rail in Slovakia. 1/2003, p.4.

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- As Contributor

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- As Questioner

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Bystřice nad Olzou. 1/1996, p.23.

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Czechoslovak-Soviet Union friendship society stamp. 4/1996, p.94.

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Death of the invaders 1968. 2/2006, p.55.

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Location of Čerekev. 2/1998, p.48. {Response from Karel Holoubek. 2/1998, p.48; Response from Lubor Kunc. 1/2002, p.22.}

Location of Lipča. 1/1999, p.19. {Response from Jan Dodrovolný, Dr Juan E Page, Jan Verleg. 2/1999, p.43; Response from Rex A Dixon. 2/1999, p.44.}

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New York forces postal services APO 385. 3/2005, p.86. {Response from Colin W Spong. 3/2007, p.85.}

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Officials. 2/2001, p.49. {Response from Michael Chant. 3/2001, p.72.}

Orient fair. 2/2006, p.55. {Response from Tomáš Morovics. 3/2006, p.82.}

Origin of Pošta Československá 1919. 2/2008, p.51.

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Unadopted Slovak national uprising. 3/1996, p.76. {Response from Otto Barton. 1/1997, p.16.}

- As Responder

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Dr Beneš in Geneva. 3/2000, p.80.

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What, no postcode? 1/1996, p.20.

- As Reviewer

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Československo 1918-1992; Česka Republika 1993-1996; Slovenská Republika 1993-1996. [Czech] 2/1997, p.30.

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Osterreichs Marine und Küste auf alten Post Karten. [German] 2/2005, p.45.

Seznam Revolučních Pretisku 1944-1945 – List of revolutionary overprints. [Czech] 2/2011, p.26.

- As Translator

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Valašské Meziříčí. 2/2011, p.29.

Himka, John-Paul

- As Reviewer

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Hippotherapy (SG Czech Republic 467; POFIS Česká Republica 473)

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Hirschley, Jan Kašpar [Hirschley, Jan Kaspar] (see Artists - Hirschley, Jan Kašpar.)

Hirš, Pavel [Hirs, Pavel]

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His Majesty's Stationery Office

WW2 HMSO bibliography. A R James. 2/1998, p.33.


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Historic Bicycles Issue (SG Czechoslovakia 2285-2489; POFIS Československo 2393-2397)

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Historic Buildings

- Royal Road (SG Czech Republic 272-274; POFIS Česká Republica 261-263)

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Historic Vehicles

- 2014 (SG Czech Republic 759-760; POFIS Česká Republica 799-800)

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- 2015 (SG Czech Republic 794-795; POFIS Česká Republica 838-839)

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- 2015 (SG Czech Republic 815-816; POFIS Česká Republica 861-862)

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- 2016 (SG Czech Republic 829830; POFIS Česká Republica 876-877)

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- Postal Stationery

New issues postal stationery [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2016, p.30.

- World War II (SG Czech Republic 789-792; POFIS Česká Republica 833-836)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2015, p.23.

Historical Bridges Issues

- Wooden Bridge. Kluknava (SG Slovakia 347; POFIS Slovenská R. 218)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2000, p.114.

Historical Postal Buildings (see Postal Buildings.)

Historical Stoves Issues

- 2007 (SG Czech Republic 509-510; POFIS Česká Republica 521-522)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2007, p.86.

- 2008 (SG Czech Republic 560-561; POFIS Česká Republica 576-577)

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- 2009 (SG Czech Republic 592-593; POFIS Česká Republica 611-612)

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- 2010 (SG Czech Republic 631-632; POFIS Česká Republica 658-659)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2010, p.118.

Historical Tractors (SG Czech Republic 442-444; POFIS Česká Republica 447-449)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2005, p.112.

Historical Vehicles

- Automobiles

- - Škoda Popular Monte Carlo 1938 [Skoda Popular Monte Carlo 1938] (SG Czech Republic 773; POFIS Česká Republica 819)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2014, p.26.

- - Škoda Superb 1941 [Skoda Superb 1941] (SG Czech Republic 774; POFIS Česká Republica 820)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2014, p.26.

- - Z4 (SG Czech Republic 771; POFIS Česká Republica 810)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2014, p.24.

- Service Vehicles (SG Czech Republic 170-172; POFIS Česká Republica 159-161)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Knight. 4/1997, p.92.

- Steamboats

- - Franz Josef I (SG Czech Republic 770; POFIS Česká Republica 811)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2014, p.24.

- Transport Vehicles (SG Czech Republic 731-732; POFIS Česká Republica 768-769)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2013, p.25.

Historical Village Restoration

- Hološovice [Holosovice] (SG Czech Republic 311; POFIS Česká Republica 305)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2001, p.107.

Historical Watches and Clocks Issue (SG Slovakia 355; POFIS Slovenská R. 225)

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Hlinka, Andrej

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- 2014 (SG Slovakia 693; POFIS Slovenská R. 570)

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Hlučín Region [Hlucin Region]

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Hlučínsko Region [Hlucinsko Region]

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HMSO (see His Majesty's Stationery Office.)

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Hodža, Michal Miloslav. 1811-1870 [Hodza, Michal Miloslav] (see Writers - Hodža, Michal Miloslav. 1811-1870.)

Hodža, Milan. 1878-1944 [Hodza, Milan] (see Writers - Hodža, Milan. 1878-1944.)

Hoffmann, Josef. 1870-1956 (see Architects - Hoffmann, Josef. 1870-1956.)

Hoffmann, Peter

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- As Questioner

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Holešovice Disaster [Holesovice Disaster]

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Holic (SG Slovakia 472; POFIS Slovenská R. 358)

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Holíč [Holic]

- Windmill (SG Slovakia 656; POFIS Slovenská R. 537)

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Holidays (SG Czech Republic 192-193; POFIS Česká Republica 183-184)

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Hološovice [Holosovice]

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- As Responder

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Holt, David

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Holy Mountain (SG Czech Republic 403; POFIS Česká Republica 400)

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Holy Roman Emperor. 1576-1612 (see Rudolf II. 1522-1612. Holy Roman Emperor. 1576-1612.)

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Horní Bříza [Horni Briza]

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Horov, Pavol. 1914-1975 (see Writers - Horov, Pavol. 1914-1975.)

Horse Racing (see Sports - Horsemanship - Racing.)

Horsemanship (see Sports - Horsemanship.)

Horses (see also Hippotherapy.)

- 1996. Kladrup Horses (SG Czech Republic 137-138; POFIS Česká Republica 122-123)

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- Chlumetzer Dun and Palomino (SG Czech Republic 746-747; POFIS Česká Republica 786-787)

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- Conservation (SG Slovakia MS474; POFIS Slovenská R. 360-361)

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Horšovský Týn [Horsovsky Tyn]

- Chateau (SG Czech Republic 581; POFIS Česká Republica 598)

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Horvath, Savoy

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- Watermill (SG Czech Republic 590; POFIS Česká Republica 609)

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Hospitals (see also Armed Forces - Hospitals.)


Hostages from concentration camps. Query from Ian Nutley. 4/2000, p.111.

Hostýn [Hostyn] (SG Czech Republic 695; POFIS Česká Republica 725)

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House of Luxembourg

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Howard, R

- As Translator

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Hradčany Issue [Hradcany Issue] (SG Czechoslovakia 3-60; POFIS Československo 1-26)

[Here are listed articles about Czechoslovakia's first stamp. For the castle and environs, see Prague Castle]

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- - Gutters

Can anyone help? Mark Wilson. 1/2004, p.29. {Comment: Nachod gutters recovered. Mark Wilson. 1/2011, p.5.}

Forgery or an amazing find? Mark Wilson. 1/2003, p.23. {Comment: Hradčany, The Náchod Forgeries? Dr Helmut Kobelbauer. 2/2003, p.37.}

- 25h blue (SG Czechoslovakia 8; POFIS Československo 10)

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- 30h violet (SG Czechoslovakia 29; POFIS Československo 12)

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- Counterfeits and Forgeries

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- Facsimiles

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- Types

Exotic Hradčany type. Mark Wilson. 4/2016, p.23.

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Hradec Králové [Hradec Kralove]

- 1993 (SG Czech Republic 20; POFIS Česká Republica 17)

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- Castle (SG Czech Republic 541; POFIS Česká Republica 553)

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Hrebenda, Matej (see Writers - Hrebenda, Matej.)

Hronec, Juraj. 1881-1959 (see Mathematicians - Hronec, Juraj. 1881-1959.)

Hronský, Jozef Ciger. 1896-1960 [Hronsky, Jozef Ciger] (see Writers - Hronský, Jozef Ciger. 1896-1960.)

Hronský Beňadik [Hronsky Benadik] (SG Slovakia 511; POFIS Slovenská R. 399)

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Hrubá Skála [Hruba Skala]

- Sandstone Towers (SG Czech Republic 362; POFIS Česká Republica 356)

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Hudeček, František. 1909-1990 [Hudecek, Frantisek] (see Artists - Hudeček, František. 1909-1990.)

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- As Questioner

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Hultschin (see Hlučín Region.)

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (see HIV.)

Humour (see also Cartoonists.)

Hungary (see also World War I - Hungarian Negotiating Team in Slovakia.)

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- Postal War

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- Romanian Occupation (see Foreign Occupations - Hungary - Romanian.)

Hunting (SG Czech Republic 278-280; POFIS Česká Republica 271-274)

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Hurban, Miroslav Josef. 1817-1888 (see Writers - Hurban, Miroslav Josef. 1817-1888.)

Hus, Jan. ca.1370-1415

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- 2015 (SG Czech Republic Awaiting Number; POFIS Česká Republica 852)

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Hutyra, František Hutyra [Hutyra, Frantisek Hutyra]

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Hviezdoslav, Pavol Országh. 1849-1921 [Hviezdoslav, Pavol Orszagh] (see Writers - Hviezdoslav, Pavol Országh. 1849-1921.)

Hynais, Vojtěch. 1854-1925 [Hynais, Vojtech] (see Artists - Hynais, Vojtěch. 1854-1925.)