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CPSGB Publications

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No. 3; The Pošta Československo Overprints, by Roy A. Dehn. 47p. 170gm. 1985, reprinted 2000. A detailed and well illustrated study of the 1919 overprints on the stamps of Austria and Hungary. £6.50 + p&p.

No. 4: Carpatho Ukraine: Postal Markings, 1938-1945, by Juan E. Page. 42p. 160gm. 1985, reprinted 2000 with improved maps. A detailed study of the changes brought about by the two-stage Hungarian occupation, the brief period of liberation and the final incorporation into the USSR. Many postmark illustrations and useful maps. ₤7.50 + p&p..

No. 6: The German Occupation of the Sudetenland, 1938, by W. A. Dawson. 71p. 220gm. 1988, reprinted 1994. A postal-historical introduction, followed by a listing of the 1243 former Czechoslovak post offices with their Germanised names linked to the original Czechoslovak names. ₤9.00 + p&p.

No. 7: Index to articles on Czechoslovak philately, 1950-1979, by J Negus. 15p. 80gm. 1989, reprinted 2000. ₤1.50 + p&p.

No. 8: Occupation of Czechoslovak Frontier Territories by Beck’s Poland from the Postal History View-Point , by Jiři Neumann. 43p. 170gm. 1989, reprinted 1999. Historical background to the events of 1938/39, postmarks of the ceded post offices and railway post routes. Postmark illustrations. ₤7.50 + p&p.

No. 9: The Field Post of the Czechoslovak & Allied Forces in Russia 1918-1920, compiled by W. A. Page. 55p. , 180gm. 1991, reprinted 1994. Articles on the formation of the Army in Russia; on Captain Novotný, the founder of the field post; the stamps, cancellations and cachets; and photographs from 1919. Much detail. ₤8.50 + p&p.

No. 10: The 25th Anniversary of Czechoslovak Independence: The 1943 London Exhibitions, by V. J. Kralicek and W. A. Page. 50p. 170gm. 1996, reprinted 2003. The story of the Sokol and stamp exhibitions organised in London in October/November 1943. Fully illustrated with colour cover of the exhibition miniature sheet. ₤10.00 + p&p.

No. 11: The Sokols in Philately: Postal, commemorative postmarks & postcards, by Brian C. Day. 69p. 220gm. 1996, reprinted 2003. Copiously illustrated, worldwide study of the philately of the Sokol movement. Colour cover, two colour plates. ₤12.50 + p&p.

No. 12: Military Cards of the Exiled Czechoslovak Forces in France and Great Britain, 1939-1945, by V. J. Kraliček and W. A. Page. 30p. 120gm. Detailed listing of the cards issued for the exiled forces, mainly from the first French period.1999. ₤7.50 + p&p.

No. 13: The Hradčany Issue, 1918-1920, by Robert Bradford. 34p. , 140gm. 2000. A history of the issue followed by a specialised listing by shade, paper type, plate numbers, perforations, specimen, forgeries, etc. Colour cover, two colour plates. ₤7.50 + p&p.

No. 14: The Liberation of Olomouc May 1945: Postal arrangements including local and revolutionary overprint issues , by Robert J. Hill. 42p. 180gm. 2004. A study of postmarks, cachets, labels, overprints and the Orlice stamp. Fully illustrated with much colour. ₤10.00 + p&p.

No. 15: The postal history of the Free Czechoslovak Forces in Great Britain, 1940-1945, by Richard Beith. 90p. 290gm. 2002. A comprehensive look at how the forces reached the UK, their locations in the UK, Czechoslovaks in the RAF, the military field post, overseas mails, and patriotic and philatelic ephemera. Fully illustrated, some in colour. ₤12.50 + p&p.

No. 16: The Czechoslovak Legion in Poland and in Russia, 1939–1941, and, Czechoslovaks in the Middle East, 1940–1943 , by Dr Vratislav Palkoska and Otto Hornung. 46p. 200gm. 2003. Military-historical and postal history story inc. Otto Hornung’s personal memories. Fully illustrated, some in colour. ₤12.50 + p&p.

No. 17: Czechoslovak Field Post, 1918-1921: A study of postal activities, by Brian C. Day. 135p. 430gm. 2002. A detailed study of the early days of the Czechoslovak field posts with particular reference to activities in Slovakia and Carpatho-Ukraine. Fully illustrated, some in colour. ₤22.50 + p&p.

No. 18: Postal Arrangements Following the Liberation of Prague in May 1945, by R J. Hill. 92p. 330gm. 2005. Bilingual English and Czech edition. Very detailed study of cancellations, overprints, postal stationery, postcards, commemorative sheets, etc. Fully illustrated, some in colour. Foreword by Peter Kleskovic, after-word by Otto Hornung. ₤16.50 + p&p.

No. 19: Bohemia & Moravia: A Collector’s Notebook by John Hammonds, edited and additional research by Rex Dixon, based on the Ron Hollis Collection. 76p. 240gm. Nineteen chapters on separate topics, with detailed tabulations including lists of Dienstpost offices and suboffices, railway TPOs, KLV camps, and the ‘V’ for Victory campaign. Postmarks and souvenirs for the centenary of the Penny Black. Detailed listings of postage rates. Bilingual (Czech/German) list of all the post offices. Fully illustrated, some in colour. 2009. ₤9.00 + p&p.

No. 20: The Early Postal History of Carpatho-Ukraine, with particular reference to the Usage of the First Postage Stamps of Austria , by Otto Hornung. 34p. 160gm. 2007. Includes a comparison with the use of the same stamps in Liechtenstein. Fully illustrated, with colour throughout. ₤12.50. Ask whether in stock before ordering.

No. 21: Carpatho Ukraine: Postal History and Stamps 1786-2000, by Ing. J. Verlag. 230p. 820gm. 2007, 2nd enlarged edition 2008. Comprehensive and detailed study of all aspects of this interesting territory, including list of post offices and postmarks. Fully illustrated with much colour. Ask whether in stock before ordering.

No. 22: Postmarks of the SO 1920 Plebiscite, by Oldřich Tovačovsky et al, translation by Robert Kingsley 66p. 360gm. 2010. The main article is a detailed study of the postmarks and usage in the Těšín, Orava and Spíš areas; other articles cover the TPOs, and the six offices that were briefly Czech in August 1920. Fully illustrated, with colour throughout. ₤15.00 + p&p.

No. 23: The 1923 Agriculture and Science Issue (Hospodářství a věda), by Mark Wilson. 29p. 120g. 2010. The first half deals with the three types of the 1923 recapitulation of the 1920 issue, including detailed consideration of why indeed there were three types. The second half covers the subtypes of each of the three values: 100h, 200h and 300h. ₤7.50 + p&p.

No. 24: Travelling Post Offices in German-occupied Sudetenland: An anthology, by Dr Anthony M. Goodbody and Cyril Kidd. 30p. 120gm. 2010.. A survey of the TPOs with one or both of their terminals in the Sudetenland. Appendices contain lists of all the Sudeten TPOs and of all the TPO terminals with their Czech or Polish equivalents. Fully illustrated. ₤7.50 + p&p.

No. 25: Compendium of 1944-1945 Liberation Overprints, by Karel Holoubek, additional material and translation by Robert J. Hill. 314p, plus a CD with colour illustrations throughout. 860gm. 2012. The results of a lifetime’s investigation into the documentation and memories of those who were involved with the production of the overprints in a revolutionary time. ₤17.50 + p&p.

No. 26: Free Czechoslovak Forces in France, 1939-1940, by Richard Beith. 66p. 240gm. 2013. The postal and military history of the Free Czechoslovak Forces in France 1939–40. Fully illustrated. £18.00 + p&p.

No. 27: Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade, 1944-1945, by Richard Beith. 54p. 210gm. 2014. The postal and military history of the Brigade in northern France up to VE Day and their return home in May 1945. Fully illustrated. £18.00 + p&p.

No. 28: Railway Mail in Slovakia and Ruthenia, by Tony Goodbody. 44p. 2015. £18.00 + p&p.

Other Publications

Bulletin No. 9: English translation of the text of Monografie No. 13 Czech Postmarks from the Beginnings to 1918, edited by C. Wackett. An essential companion to the Monografie. 39p. 150gm. 1977, format revised 1985, reprinted 1996. An essential companion to the Monografie. ₤4.00.

Fundamental Philatelic Terminology: A vocabulary in Czech/ German/ English, by Vladimir Bernašek. Translations of almost 500 Czech philatelic terms, 15p. 30gm. Translations of almost 500 Czech philatelic terms, colours, months and days. 1989, re-mastered with minor corrections 2001. ₤1.50.


Czechout Interactive Indexes: 1975-June 2013. £10 including postage worldwide.

CPSGB Diamond Jubilee 1952-2013, 21-23 November 2013. £8 including postage worldwide.