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Nachfrageschreiben (see Enquiry Form.)

Náchod Gutters [Nachod Gutters]

Can anyone help? Mark Wilson. 1/2004, p.29. {Comment: Nachod gutters recovered. Mark Wilson. 1/2011, p.5.}

Forgery or an amazing find? Mark Wilson. 1/2003, p.23. {Comment: Hradčany, The Náchod Forgeries? Dr Helmut Kobelbauer. 2/2003, p.37.}

Naive Art (see Art - Naive.)


Check list of Czechoslovakia (sic) town cancels on the stamps of the Austrian Empire (1850-1883). Thomas M Tenczar, reviewed by David R Opperman. May/1978, p.4.

District and town numbers. Query from Henry R Sewell. 4/1978, p.15. {Response from Stuart Clark. 4/1978, p.15.}

Monografie československých a českých známek 20. [Czech] Jiří Kratochvíl, reviewed by Dr Jan Dobrovolný. 1/2003, p.4.

Prague administration districts and post ofices, names, and numbers. John L Whiteside. 4/1998, p.89.

Národní Kolek Booklet [Narodni Kolek Booklet]

Národní Kolek booklet. Alan J Knight. 4/1992, p.82.

National Anthem

Czechoslovak national anthem. Alan J Knight. 1/1988, p.15.

- 2009. 175th Anniversary of the Czech National Anthem (SG Czech Republic 591; POFIS Česká Republica 610)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2009, p.109.

- Souvenir Sheets (SG Czechoslovakia MS334a; POFIS Československo 283-284)

National Anthem sheets. Yvonne King. Mar/1976, p.9. {Comment: Addendum. Yvonne Wheatley. 2/1985, p.103.}

- - Counterfeits and Forgeries

Czechoslovakia: the national anthem sheets and their forgeries. I Hamilton. 1/1997, p.8.

National Anthem sheets and their forgeries. Yvonne King. Mar/1976, p.3.

National Anthem [Slovak] (SG Slovakia MS190; POFIS Slovenská R. A41)

New issues [Slovak]. Alan J Knight. 4/1994, p.96.

National Archives (see Archives.)

National Cancer Institute

- 2015 (SG Slovakia 722; POFIS Slovenská R. 598)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2016, p.25.

National Costumes Issue [Slovak] (SG Slovakia 309-311; POFIS Slovenská R. 173-175)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Knight. 2/1999, p.51.

National Galleries

- Czech and Slovak (SG Czechoslovakia 3107-3109; POFIS Československo 3025-3027)

New issues. Alan J Knight. 4/1992, p.98.

National Literature Museum, Prague (see Museums - Prague - Museum of National Literature.)

National Parks

- High Tatras (SG Czechoslovakia 1843-1848; POFIS Československo 1780-1785)

- - 60h (SG Czechoslovakia 1844; POFIS Československo 1781)

Unlisted and little known varieties of stamps of CSSR 1945 to-date. Ernest G Taylor. 3/1983, p.33.

National Parks [Czech]

- Podyjí [Podyji] (SG Czech Republic 236; POFIS Česká Republica 217)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Knight. 2/1999, p.47.

- Šumava [Sumava] (SG Czech Republic 235; POFIS Česká Republica 216)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Knight. 2/1999, p.47.

National Parks [Slovak]

- High Tatras (SG Slovakia 313-314; POFIS Slovenská R. 177-178)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Knight. 2/1999, p.51.

- Low Tatras (SG Slovakia MS642; POFIS Slovenská R. 524-525)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2012, p.97.

National Theatre. Prague (SG Czechoslovakia 2702-2706; POFIS Československo 2616-2620)

Contemporary spotlight [Title varies]. Alan J Knight. 3/1984, p.68.


- Admission of Czech Republic (SG Czech Republic 232; POFIS Česká Republica 213)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Knight. 2/1999, p.47.

- Admission of Slovak Republic (SG Slovakia 440; POFIS Slovenská R. 326)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2004, p.91.

- Prague Summit (SG Czech Republic 345; POFIS Česká Republica 338)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2002, p.115.

Natural Heritage Issues [Czech]

- 2003. Geological Attractions (SG Czech Republic 362-363; POFIS Česká Republica 356-357)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2003, p.59.

- 2017. Geological Attractions (SG Czech Republic Awaiting Number; POFIS Česká Republica Awaiting Number)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2017, p.26.

Natural Heritage Issues [Slovak]

- 2016. Herľany Geyser (SG Slovakia Awaiting Number; POFIS Slovenská R. Awaiting Number)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 1/2017, p.30.

- 2016. Súľov Rocks (SG Slovakia 718; POFIS Slovenská R. 594)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2016, p.25.

Nature Protection (see Conservation [Czech]; Conservation [Slovak]; Endangered Species Issues.)

Navrátil, Josef. 1798-1865 [Navratil, Josef] (see Artists - Navrátil, Josef. 1798-1865.)

Navy (see Armed Forces; Ships.)

Nazi Camps

Nazi camps in the Sudetenland during 1938-45. A Jack Stoyel. 3/1981, p.66.

Nečtiny [Nectiny]

- St James the Greater Church (SG Czech Republic 497; POFIS Česká Republica 507)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 1/2007, p.29.

Negus, James William

Issue dates of Slovakia commemoratives. 2/1986, p.15.

Postcards autographed by Father Hlinka. 2/1988, p.28. {Comment: Father Hlinka. Ronald Hollis. 4/1989, p.102.}

- As Responder

Bilingual registration labels. 3/1990, p.50.

Negus, James William

Negus, James William. Colin W Spong. 2/2008, p.35.

Negus, Ron

Polish exile mail in Great Britain 1939-1949. 1/2009, p.7.

Nehru, Jawaharlal. 1889-1964. Prime Minister of India (SG Czechoslovakia 2966; POFIS Československo 2883)

New issues. Alan J Knight. 3/1989, p.76.

Neighbour, Chad

Peaceful parting. 4/1997, p.84.

Nejedlý, Otakar. 1883-1957 [Nejedly, Otakar] (see Artists - Nejedlý, Otakar. 1883-1957.)

Nekvasil, Jiří [Nekvasil, Jiri]

Fieldpost of Austro-Hungarian river fleet in World War I. 4/1993, p.100.

Němcová, Božena. 1820-1862 [Nemcova, Bozena] (see Writers - Němcová, Božena. 1820-1862.)

Němec, František. 1898-1963 [Nemec, Frantisek]

František Němec, Jan Becho. Michael Chant. 3/2001, p.72. {Comment: František Němec and the Chust overprints. Lubor Kunc. 3/2001, p.74.}

Německé Jablonné [Nemecke Jablonne]

What's in a name? Robert J Hill. 1/2005, p.9. {Comment: Německé Jablonné : Jablonné Podjestedem 1945. Robert J Hill. 2/2005, p.33.}

Německý Brod [Nemecky Brod]

Day the Russians arrived - 8 May 1945 Německý Brod. Tony Moseley. 3/2011, p.63.

Nemes, Endre. 1909-1985 (see Artists - Nemes, Endre. 1909-1985.)

Nepraš, Karel [Nepras, Karel] (see Artists - Nepraš, Karel.)

Neubäck, Wilhelm Otto [Neuback, Wilhelm Otto]

Scout cancellations in Czechoslovakia. 4/1980, p.39; 1/1981, p.43.

Nevičke [Nevicke]

Postal agency of Nevičke: an unknown type of postmark. Jozef Tekeľ, translated by Dr Juan E Page. 1/1996, p.11.

New Issues (see Issue Dates.)

New York World's Fair

Czechoslovak issues for the New York World’s Fair, 1939 and 1940. Eckart H Dissen. 4/1998, p.83.

Display: my favorites. Yvonne Gren. 1/2008, p.2.

Issues of Czechoslovakia for the New York World’s Fair 1939,40. Eckart H Dissen, reviewed by Richard Beith. 3/1999, p.56. {Comment: Book now on website. Mark Wilson. 1/2013, p.7.}

New York World Fair overprints. Query from Colin D Smith. 4/1992, p.85. {Response from Alan J Knight. 4/1992, p.85.}

Not in the Trojan catalogue! Brian C Day. 3/1997, p.71. {Comment: Letters to the editor: New York World's fair. George J Firmage. 4/1997, p.80.}

Official mail markings. Robert J Hill. 2/2004, p.57.

Newspaper Express Stamps (see Express Stamps.)

Newspaper Stamps (see also First Postage Stamp - 1995. First Newspaper Stamp.)

- 1918-1937 (SG Czechoslovakia N24-31; POFIS Československo NV1-8)

Extraordinary issue: the Mucha newspaper stamps. Mark Wilson. 2/2013, p.11.

- - 5h (SG Czechoslovakia N25; POFIS Československo NV2)

Plate numbers of the Czech newspaper stamps: 5h issued 1924-25. František Žampach, translated by Robert Kingsley. 1/1982, p.85.

- 1937

- - Souvenir Sheet (SG Czechoslovakia MS377b; POFIS Československo ANV18)

- - - Counterfeits and Forgeries

Forgeries of Czechoslovak issues. William A Dawson. 1/1988, p.6.

- 1945 (SG Czechoslovakia N467-476; POFIS Československo NV23-32)

Newspaper stamps 1945-47. Tomáš Morovics. 2/1990, p.33.

- Essays

Czechoslovak newspaper stamps: design development from 1937. Tomáš Morovics. 4/1990, p.85.

- Provisional

Newspaper labels. Query from David M Williams. 2/1985, p.107. {Response from E Skovbo Jensen, John L Whiteside. 3/1985, p.116.}

Provisional. John L Whiteside. 3/1985, p.116.

Provisional newspaper stamps. A Jack Stoyel, George E Connolly. 4/1985, p.120.

- - Counterfeits and Forgeries

Forgeries of provisional newspaper labels. Tomáš Morovics. 3/1994, p.58.

New Czech forgery: forgery of Czechoslovak temporary newspaper stamp and field post cancellation. Lubor Kunc. 2/2010, p.38.


Lberation newspaper of interest. Robert J Hill. 4/2005, p.101.

Newts (SG Czechoslovakia 2981-2984; POFIS Československo 2898-2901)

New issues. Alan J Knight. 3/1989, p.76.

Nezval, Kulhánek. 1900-1958 [Nezval, Kulhanek] (see Writers - Nezval, Kulhánek. 1900-1958.)


- Castle

- - 1995 (SG Slovakia 146b; POFIS Slovenská R. 60)

New issues [Slovak]. Alan J Knight. 2/1995, p.52.

- - 1998 (SG Slovakia MS287; POFIS Slovenská R. 148)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Knight. 2/1998, p.55.

- Gospel-Book (SG Slovakia 518; POFIS Slovenská R. 407)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2007, p.123.

Nojman, František [Nojman, Frantisek]

Who is František Nojman? David Holt. 3/2009, p.81.

Norbjerg, Mogens

Danish Society: Tjekkoslovakiet Samlerne Danmark. 1/2016, p.24.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (see NATO.)


World War II Thomas Cook undercover mail service between Canada and Norway. Edward Fraser. 1/2009, p.8.

Nová Baňa [Nova Bana]

- 1995. Town Halls (SG Slovakia 146d; POFIS Slovenská R. 70)

New issues [Slovak]. Alan J Knight. 3/1995, p.75.

Novák, Josef [Novak, Josef]

My struggle for freedom. 4/2010, p.96.

November 1939/1989 Issue (SG Czech Republic 596; POFIS Česká Republica 614)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2009, p.109.

Nový Jičín [Novy Jicin]

- 700th Anniversary (SG Czech Republic 744; POFIS Česká Republica 777)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2013, p.30.

Nový Svět [Novy Svet]

- Lantern (SG Czech Republic 382; POFIS Česká Republica 381)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2003, p.124.

Nutley, Ian

Bratislava International Exhibition 2002. 3/2002, p.60.

Mail service in ghetto Terezín 1941-1945. [Czech, English, German] 2/1997, p.31.

Rare first day cover from Theresienstadt. 1/2004, p.7.

Sindelfingen 2004. 4/2004, p.98.

Society Czech visit 2003 - Jihlava and Prague. 2/2003, p.40.

- As Questioner

Hostages from concentration camps. 4/2000, p.111.

- As Responder

Certificate issued to a farmer. 3/2003, p.86.

Concentration camp - Buchenwald. 1/2006, p.29.

- As Reviewer

Stanley Gibbons catalogue part 5, 2002. 4/2002, p.94.