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Dacicky, Mikulás. 1555-1626 [Dacicky, Mikulas] (see Writers - Dacicky, Mikulás. 1555-1626.)


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- Slovak (SG Slovakia 484; POFIS Slovenská R. 371)

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- Czech (SG Czech Republic 336; POFIS Česká Republica 379)

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- Slovak (SG Slovakia 527; POFIS Slovenská R. 416)

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Dalimil's Chronicle (SG Czech Republic 819; POFIS Česká Republica 864)

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Dam, Theo van (see van Dam, Theo.)

Danesch, Hartwig

- As Translator

German censor in Pressburg/Bratislava. 1/2003, p.10.

Danube River Fleet

Fieldpost of Austro-Hungarian river fleet in World War I. Jiří Nekvasil. 4/1993, p.100.

Danube River Gorge (SG Slovakia 333; POFIS Slovenská R. 199)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Knight. 1/2000, p.25.

Darwin, Charles. 1809-1852 (see Scientists - Darwin, Charles. 1809-1852.)

Davidsz de Heem, Jan. 1606-1684 (see Artists - Davidsz de Heem, Jan. 1606-1684.)

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Davis, P R

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- As Questioner

Location of Bergen/Perná. 1/1996, p.21. {Response from John L Whiteside, Hans van Dooremalen. 3/1996, p.73.}

- As Responder

Sytová – Háje. 4/1992, p.81.

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- As Reviewer

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Dawson, William A

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Day, Brian C

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Trans-Siberian railway postmarks. 2/1998, p.47.

Úprka, Jóža: painter and printmaker 1861-1940. 3/2005, p.79.

You write. 2/1989, p.49.

- As Questioner

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Overprint. 2/1984, p.59.

- As Responder

Colonie Tchécoslovaque. 1/2000, p.17.

Czech censorship in Paris 1919. 1/2007, p.26.

Kerensky card. 2/1998, p.47.

Location of Taksony/Taksonyfalva. 2/1998, p.47.

Praha Letiste ČSP postmark. 4/1995, p.92.

- As Reviewer

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Day of the Stamp (see Stamp Day Issues; Stamp Day Issues [Slovak]; Tradition of Czech Stamp Production Issues.)

Daynes, John

- As Questioner

Censor marks. 2/1985, p.107.

Dead Letter Office (see Undelivered Mail.)

Deburau, Jean Gaspard, 1796-1846 (see Pantomime - Deburau, Jean Gaspard, 1796-1846.)

Dehn, Roy A

Agriculture and Science series of 1920 and 1923. 1/1991, p.5. {Comment: Note from the Editor. Alan J Knight. 1/1991, p.13.}

Amendment to our monograph no. 3 1985. 4/1991, p.84.

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Is this a first day of issue mark? 1/1993, p.6.

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Prague castle 25 heller: damaged plate. 2/1996, p.33.

S.G Czechoslovakia and the legionary issue of 1919. 2/1987, p.13.

Tabbed stamps of Czechoslovakia. 4/1996, p.84.

Typography of Masaryk's 70th birthday. 1/1993, p.15.

- As Responder

Moscow issue. 4/1992, p.80.

Dekune, Iku. 1969- (see Artists - Dekune, Iku.)

Delacroix, Ferdinand Victor Eugène. 1798-1863 [Delacroix, Ferdinand Victor Eugene] (see Artists - Delacroix, Ferdinand Victor Eugène. 1798-1863.)

Delivery Receipt (see Confirmation of Delivery.)

Design, Stamp (see Stamp Designs.)

Designers, Stamp (see Stamp Designers.)

Desrousseaux, M

- As Responder

French Foreign Legion. 2/2004, p.57.

Destinnová, Ema. 1878-1930 [Destinnova, Ema] (see Musicians - Destinnová, Ema. 1878-1930.)

Detva. Folk Costumes (SG Slovakia 358-359; POFIS Slovenská R. 228-229)

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Development of Philately Issue (SG Czech Republic 619-620; POFIS Česká Republica 643-644)

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Děvín [Devin]

- Bratislava Motifs (SG Czechoslovakia 2997-2998; POFIS Československo 2914-2915)

New issues. Alan J Knight. 4/1989, p.103.

- Castle (SG Slovakia 491; POFIS Slovenská R. 379)

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Di Cione, Nardo. 14th cent (see Artists - Di Cione, Nardo. 14th cent.)

Dibarbora, František [Dibarbora, Frantisek] (see Actors - Dibarbora, František.)


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Dinosaurs (SG Czech Republic 48-50; POFIS Česká Republica 42-44)

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Disarmament (see Soviet-United States Summit Conference on Arms Reduction, 1988.)

Discovery of America (see America, Discovery of.)

Disinfected Mail

Disinfected mail. Yvonne Wheatley. 4/2016, p.16.

Dissen, Eckart H

Czechoslovak issues for the New York World’s Fair, 1939 and 1940. 4/1998, p.83.

Issues of Czechoslovakia for the New York World’s Fair 1939,40. 3/1999, p.56. {Comment: Book now on website. Mark Wilson. 1/2013, p.7.}

District Court Reply Cards

District court reply cards. Yvonne Wheatley. 1/2015, p.8.

Dixon, Rex A

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Children's evacuation camps in Bohemia & Moravia. 3/2014, p.20.

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How much to send a postcard from the Protectorate to Slovakia. 2/2019, p.10.

It pays to browse. 1/1996, p.17.

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More on the Tatra lake mystery. 2/2013, p.18.

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Polish annexation of Teschen Silesia, 1938-1939: Zaolzie. 2/2020, p.9.

Postal rates in Bohemia Moravia protectorate. 4/2000, p.99.

Related cinderella. 3/2017, p.22.

Report of the Society weekend. 3/2005, p.60.

Road maps. 4/1992, p.81.

Sir Nicholas Winton. 1/2017, p.13.

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Slovak State foreign mail exemplars: Part II. 3/2017, p.23.

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Slovak State foreign postal rates: Part II. 3/2017, p.2.

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SO 1920 stamps used in the Hlučínsko Region. 2/2012, p.30.

Society weekend 17-19 October 1997 at Maidencombe. 4/1997, p.80.

Society weekend held Friday 1 to Sunday 3 October 1999 at the Manor House Hotel, Leamington Spa. 4/1999, p.84.

Society weekend in Worthing 2013. 3/2013, p.6.

Stickers. 4/2007, p.103.

Underpaid postage. 2/2000, p.48.

- As Contributor

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- As Editor

From Monograph No, 19: the KLV camps. 1/2020, p.11.

- As Questioner

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- As Responder

25th anniversary of UNICEF. 1/2000, p.21.

50h Karlstein castle. 1/2000, p.20.

Aus dem Briefkasten. 3/1994, p.62.

Baťov. 2/1994, p.45.

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Czech college in Bishop's Stortford. 3/2000, p.80.

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Rokitnitz. 2/2007, p.55.

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- As Reviewer

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- As Translator

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Dobro Resonator Guitar Issue (SG Slovakia 366; POFIS Slovenská R. 243)

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Dobročský Prales [Dobrocsky Prales] (SG Slovakia 444; POFIS Slovenská R. 330)

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Dobroslava. Wooden Church (SG Slovakia 541; POFIS Slovenská R. 430)

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Dobrovolný, Jan (Dr) [Dobrovolny, Jan (Dr)]

- As Responder

Brno boxed marking. 2/2001, p.46.

Cardinal Karel Kaspar. 2/2009, p.58.

Covers: Prague address. 1/2010, p.23.

Crash cover: Aeroflot DC2. 1/2003, p.6.

Invalidated stamps. 1/1999, p.18.

Postal order Krnov. 2/1999, p.44.

Postal training stamps. 1/1996, p.19.

World assembly for peace and life opposing nuclear war, Prague 1983, Prague 1983. 4/2003, p.123.

- As Reviewer

Monografie československých a českých známek 20. [Czech] 1/2003, p.4.

Dobrovský, Josef. 1753-1829 [Dobrovsky, Josef] (see Writers - Dobrovský, Josef. 1753-1829.)

Dobšinská Ice Cave [Dobsinska Ice Cave] (SG Slovakia 610; POFIS Slovenská R. 495)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2011, p.43.

Doctors (see Medical Personnel.)


- Bohemia and Moravia

Certificate issued to a farmer. Query from Robert J Hill. 2/2003, p.46. {Response from Heinz Vogel, Ian Nutley, John L Whiteside. 3/2003, p.86; Response from Hartmut Liebermann. 4/2003, p.122.}

- - Labour Exchange Notice

From the Protektorat period in Czechoslovakia during World War II (1944). Vladimir J Králiček. 4/1988, p.92.

Dodrovolný, Jan [Dodrovolny, Jan]

- As Responder

Location of Lipča. 2/1999, p.43.

Dogs (see also Canistherapy.)

- 1990. World Dog Show, Brno (SG Czechoslovakia 3030-3033; POFIS Československo 2947-2950)

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- 2007 (SG Slovakia MS502; POFIS Slovenská R. 394-395)

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- Animal Breeding Issue (SG Czech Republic 299-302; POFIS Česká Republica 296-299)

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- Czech Spotted Dog (SG Czech Republic 828; POFIS Česká Republica 875)

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Doležal, Mark [Dolezal, Mark]

Augustine Doleřal. 4/2016, p.24.

Doležalová, Jarmila [Dolezalova, Jarmila]

Křižovatky času – Ležáky v datech (The village of Ležáky). [Czech] 3/2008, p.67.

Doležalová, Michaela [Dolezalova, Michaela]

Křižovatky času – Ležáky v datech (The village of Ležáky). [Czech] 3/2008, p.67.

Donauflotille (see Danube River Fleet.)

Doney, John McKay

PRAGA 78: a personal view. 4/1978, p.7.

Dooremalen, Hans van (see van Dooremalen, Hans.)

Dou, Gerrit (see Artists - Dou, Gerrit. 1613-1675.)

Dove Issue (SG Czechoslovakia 188-195; POFIS Československo 143-150)

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- 5h (SG Czechoslovakia 188-189; POFIS Československo 143-144)

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The blue 5 haler dove: Plates I-III, XI-XIV. Mark Wilson, reviewed by Yvonne Wheatley.

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- 15 h (SG Czechoslovakia 192; POFIS Československo 147)

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- 25 h type I (SG Czechoslovakia 194; POFIS Československo 149)

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- 25 h (SG Czechoslovakia 194; POFIS Československo 149)

25 haler Dove. Mark Wilson. 3/2015, p.15.

- Tête-bêche [Tete-beche]

Tête-bêche varieties of 1921. Cyril Wackett. Dec/1975, p.3.

Dražan, Vladimír [Drazan, Vladimir]

Extraordinary cover from the 1953 Czechoslovak currency reform. 1/2014, p.5.

Dražovce. Church of St Michael [Drazovce] (SG Slovakia 559; POFIS Slovenská R. 449)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 1/2009, p.29.

Drugs and Narcotics (SG Slovakia 298; POFIS Slovenská R. 163)

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Dubček, Alexander. 1921-1992 [Dubcek, Alexander]

Postcards and politics. Roger Morrell. 4/2007, p.103.

- 1993 (SG Slovakia 163; POFIS Slovenská R. 11)

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- 2001. Souvenir Sheet (SG Slovakia MS369; POFIS Slovenská R. 246)

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Dubrava, Stefan. 1915-2003

Dubrava, Colonel Stefan. Simon Edge. 2/2003, p.39.

Dubyniak, Roman

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KuK Ukrainische Legion Fieldpostkorrespondenzkarten 1914-1918. [German] 3/2000, p.62.

Postal history of the Ukraine: Austro-Hungarian army in Ukraine censor handstamps 1914-1918. [Ukrainian, English] 3/2000, p.62.

Postal history of Ukraine: Ukrainian legion postcards. [Ukrainian, English] 3/2004, p.71.

- As Questioner

Užhorod basilica. 3/2001, p.74.

Ducové. Archeological Sites Issue [Ducove] (SG Slovakia 362; POFIS Slovenská R. 232)

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Dudáček, Lubomir [Dudacek, Lubomir]

Dopravni letiště Prahy [Airports of Prague]1918-1946. [Czech, English] 1/2000, p.4.

Duggan, John

LZ 130 zeppelin-post. 3/1991, p.55.

Dunajec River

- Raftsmen on the Dunajec River Issue (SG Slovakia 447; POFIS Slovenská R. 333)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2004, p.118.

Dürer, Albrecht. 1471-1528 [Durer, Albrecht] (see Artists - Dürer, Albrecht. 1471-1528.)

Dušik, Jaroslav [Dusik, Jaroslav]

Prestamp postmarks of the Vyškov post office. 4/1995, p.84.

Dvořák, Antonín. 1841-1904 [Dvorak, Antonin] (see Musicians - Dvořák, Antonín. 1841-1904.)

Dvořák Museum [Dvorak Museum]

Dvořák and philately. Richard Beith. 2/2002, p.39. {Comment: Dvořák and philately. Bernard Reynolds. 3/2002, p.58.}

Dvořák Theatre [Dvorak Theatre]

- 1994 (SG Czech Republic 18; POFIS Česká Republica 60)

New issues [Czech]. Alan J Knight. 1/1995, p.26.

Dzurilla, Vladimír [Dzurilla, Vladimir] (see Sports Personalities - Hockey [Slovak] - Dzurilla, Vladimír.)