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Gabčíkovo [Gabcikovo] (SG Slovakia 170; POFIS Slovenská R. 20)

New issues [Slovak]. Alan J Knight. 1/1994, p.17.


- Baroque (SG Czech Republic 45; POFIS Česká Republica 39)

Errors in designs: Telč 1994. Colin D Smith. 3/1995, p.57.

New issues [Czech]. Alan J Knight. 2/1994, p.50.

- Folk (SG Czech Republic 646-647; POFIS Česká Republica 674-675)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 1/2011, p.15.

Gaillardia (SG Czech Republic 524; POFIS Česká Republica 537)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 1/2008, p.27.

Galanda, Mikuláš. 1895-1938 [Galanda, Mikulas] (see Artists - Galanda, Mikuláš. 1895-1938.)

Gamekeeping (SG Czech Republic 278-280; POFIS Česká Republica 271-274)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2000, p.112.

Gas Street Lighting (SG Czech Republic Awaiting Number; POFIS Česká Republica 940)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2017, p.27.


- Czech (SG Czech Republic 432; POFIS Česká Republica 436)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2005, p.53.

- Slovak (SG Slovakia 467; POFIS Slovenská R. 353)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2005, p.56.

Gašparovič, Ivan. 1941- . President Slovak Republic, 2004- [Gasparovic, Ivan]

- 2004 (SG Slovakia 443; POFIS Slovenská R. 329)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2004, p.91.

- 2005 (SG Slovakia 473; POFIS Slovenská R. 358)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2005, p.89.

- 2009

- - Souvenir Sheet (SG Slovakia MS569; POFIS Slovenská R. 457)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2009, p.89.

- - Stamp (SG Slovakia 581; POFIS Slovenská R. 469)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 1/2010, p.29.

Gauguin, Paul. 1848-1903 (see Artists - Gauguin, Paul. 1848-1903.)

Gazda, Antonín [Gazda, Antonin]

Hidden pictures (skrý vacky). 1/2004, p.16.

Gebauer, Petr

České a Slovenské postovné (1900-1958) Czech and Slovak Postal Agencies. [Czech] 3/2006, p.68.

Gems (see Jewelry - 2006. Crafts: Bohemian Gems, Jewel-Making and Hallmarking.)

Geological Formations

- 1995 (SG Czech Republic 87-88; POFIS Česká Republica 78-79)

New issues [Czech]. Alan J Knight. 2/1995, p.49.

- 1997 (SG Slovakia 261-262; POFIS Slovenská R. 120-121)

New issues postal stationery [Slovak]. Lindy Knight. 3/1997, p.76.

- 2003 (SG Czech Republic 362-363; POFIS Česká Republica 356-357)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2003, p.59.

- 2006

- - Czech (SG Czech Republic 465; POFIS Česká Republica 471)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2006, p.56.

- - Slovak (SG Slovakia MS486; POFIS Slovenská R. 373-374)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2006, p.59.

George of Kunštát and Poděbrady. 1420-1471. King of Bohemia, 1458-1471 [George of Kunstat and Podebrady] (SG Czech Republic 533; POFIS Česká Republica 547)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2008, p.53.

Gerbera (SG Czech Republic 537; POFIS Česká Republica 550)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2008, p.53.

German Occupations

- Bohemia and Moravia (see Foreign Occupations - Bohemia and Moravia - German.)

- Slovakia (see Foreign Occupations - Slovakia - German.)

- Sudetenland (see Foreign Occupations - Sudetenland.)

Germans in Bohemia

German enclave of Southern Moravia. Salvatore J Rizza. 1/2004, p.21.


1945 liberation: double death notice. Robert J Hill. 3/2003, p.83. {Comment: Double death notice. Ludvik Z Svoboda. 4/2003, p.122.}

Czech treatment of underpaid German mail. Robin Pizer. 2/2008, p.46.

Fremdarbelterpost. [German] Rainer E Lütgens, reviewed by Peter C Rickenback. 4/2005, p.94.

Interesting exchange control story. Robin Pizer. 2/2008, p.49.

Mail between Czechoslovakia and Germany display. Robin Pizer. 2/2008, p.32.

- Censorship

Czechoslovak mail and German exchange controls 1918-1922. Robin Pizer. 2/1988, p.31.

- World War I

Ring of steel. Alexander Watson, reviewed by Roger Morrell. 1/2016, p.7.

Gerstner, František Josef. 1756-1832 [Gerstner, Frantisek Josef] (see Scientists - Gerstner, František Josef. 1756-1832.)

Gerstner, Johann. 1851-1939 (see Musicians - Gerstner, Johann. 1851-1939.)

Gerulata (SG Slovakia MS571; POFIS Slovenská R. 460)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2009, p.113.

Giles, Lewis

- As Questioner

New Zealand to Prague. 2/1995, p.47.

Gillard, Ron

Impressions of Praga 2018. 3/2018, p.9.

Gilpin, John

Millar, Kenneth B. 2/2000, p.30.

Ginz, Petr. 1928-1944 (see Artists - Ginz, Petr. 1928-1944.)

Glass Production (SG Slovakia 493; POFIS Slovenská R. 381)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2006, p.86.

Glazed Tile Stoves (see Stoves - 2009.)

Global Warming

- Preservation of Ice Caps (SG Czech Republic MS573; POFIS Česká Republica A589)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 1/2009, p.27.

Gočár Pavilion [Gocar Pavilion] (see Buildings and Landmarks - Gočár Pavilion.)

Gogh, Vincent Van. 1853-1890 (see Artists - Van Gogh, Vincent. 1853-1890.)

Golden Bull

650 years of the golden bull. Thomas Just, translated by Douglas D Baxter. 3/2007, p.84.

Golden Helmet

Golden Helmet. Query from Tony Moseley. 2/2008, p.52. {Response from Richard A Spennock. 3/2008, p.85.}

Gonci, Jozef (see Sports Personalities - Sharpshooting - Gonci, Jozef.)

Good Luck Charm (SG Czech Republic 756; POFIS Česká Republica 796)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2014, p.26.

Good Soldier Švejk [Good Soldier Svejk]

Modern literary classic and its philatelic connections. William Alexander Page. 4/1998, p.90.

Goodman, Kathleen Florence

Covers of interest: Kay Goodman. Brian C Day. 2/2003, p.52.

Goodman, Kathleen Florence, F.R.P.S.L. Alan J Knight. 3/1987, p.25.

Life and times of Kathleen F Goodman. Yvonne Gren. 1/2012, p.13.

Gorazd, St. (SG Slovakia 591; POFIS Slovenská R. 479)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2010, p.121.

Gorge, Ernst

Cover of interest: foreign rate to Germany. 1/2000, p.5. {Comment: Foreign rate to Germany 1922 and stamps available to make up the rate. John L Whiteside. 1/2000, p.5.}

Revolutionary overprints on Austrian Stamps. 2/1980, p.16.

Skalice issue of Slovakia. 1/1979, p.10.

Srobar revolutionary issue of Slovakia. 2/1979, p.4.

- As Translator

Discovery of new printing trials of stamps for Czechoslovak postcards. 1/1979, p.9.

Gorge, Ernst

Gorge, Ernst. Robert Kingsley. 2/2002, p.32.

Gospel-Book of Nitra (SG Slovakia 518; POFIS Slovenská R. 407)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2007, p.123.

Gothic Architecture (see Architectural Features Issues - Gothic.)

Gothic Mural Painting (SG Slovakia 599; POFIS Slovenská R. 485)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 1/2011, p.19.

Gothic Script (see Alphabets and Typefaces.)

Gothic Stoves (see Stoves - 2007.)

Government in Exile (see also New York World's Fair.)

František Němec, Jan Becho. Michael Chant. 3/2001, p.72.

Officials. Query from Robert J Hill. 2/2001, p.49. {Response from Michael Chant. 3/2001, p.72.}

Secret history of the Czech connection: the Czechoslovak government in exile in London and Buckinghamshire during the second world war. Neil Rees, reviewed by Richard Beith. 3/2005, p.67.

- Souvenir Sheet

Exhibition of Czechoslovak stamps in London. William Alexander Page. 3/1987, p.37.

Grabowsk, John

- As Reviewer

Express stamps: a history. 3/2020, p.25.

Grabowski, John

- As Reviewer

Mucha express stamp series. 4/2020, p.20.

Grahame, Kenneth. 1859-1932 (see Writers - Grahame, Kenneth. 1859-1932.)

Graphic Art (SG Czechoslovakia 2537-2541; POFIS Československo 2449-2453)

Unlisted and little known varieties of stamps of CSSR 1945 to-date. Ernest G Taylor. 3/1983, p.33.

Graphic Artists Association

- 150th Anniversary (SG Czech Republic Awaiting Number; POFIS Česká Republica 944)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2017, p.27.

Graphic Cut-Outs (SG Czechoslovakia 2537-2541; POFIS Československo 2449-2453)

Unlisted and little known varieties of stamps of CSSR 1945 to-date. Ernest G Taylor. 3/1983, p.33.

Graphic Humour Issue (SG Czech Republic 247-249; POFIS Česká Republica 232-234)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Knight. 4/1999, p.106.

Grau, Juan Santaeugenia (see Santaeugenia Grau, Juan.)

Gravure Printing

- Moscow Issue (SG Czechoslovakia 421-426; POFIS Československo 381-386)

Matter of definition. Roy A Dehn. 4/1992, p.92.

Great Britain

- And Czechoslovakia

Great Britain and Czechoslovakia: links in history. Colin W Spong. May/1978, p.7.

- First Postage Stamp (SG Czechoslovakia MS3023; POFIS Československo A2940) (see First Postage Stamp - Great Britain.)

Great Moravian Rulers Issue (SG Slovakia MS364; POFIS Slovenská R. 236-239)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2001, p.110.

Greeting Stamp Issues [Czech]

- 1997. Best Wishes. Blahopřání (SG Czech Republic 154; POFIS Česká Republica 139)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Knight. 2/1997, p.46.

- 2012 (SG Czech Republic 705; POFIS Česká Republica 745)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2012, p.93.

Greeting Stamp Issues [Slovak]

- 1997 (SG Slovakia 484; POFIS Slovenská R. 371)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2006, p.86.

- 2007 (SG Slovakia 503; POFIS Slovenská R. 391)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2007, p.61.

Gren, Fryderyk

Czech provisionals. 2/1982, p.93.

Gren, Fryderyk

Gren, Fryderyk. Colin W Spong. 2/2012, p.29.

Gren, Yvonne

Czech provisionals. 2/1982, p.93.

Display: my favorites. 1/2008, p.2.

Life and times of Kathleen F Goodman. 1/2012, p.13.

Wackett, Cyril. 2/2013, p.7.

- As Questioner

Mounting Mlada Fronta black prints. 2/1998, p.48.

Slovakia to USA. 2/1995, p.43. {Response from Colin W Spong, Richard Beith. 2/1995, p.43; Response from John L Whiteside. 3/1995, p.70.}

- As Responder

Řád Česká Caledonie. 3/2013, p.23.

- As Reviewer

Stanley Gibbons catalogue part 5, 2012. 2/2012, p.25.

Gren, Yvonne

On the occasion of the 90th birthday of Yvonne Gren. Yvonne Wheatley. 3/2019, p.10.

Griffin, Alan

Leamington’s Czech patriots and the Heydrich assassination. 2/2004, p.39. {Comment: Leamington’s Czech patriots, proposal for stamp issue. Vladimir J Králiček. 4/2004, p.114.}

Griffins, Felicity

Sir Nicholas Winton. 3/2015, p.11.

Griggs, Martin

- As Questioner

Cinderella. 4/1994, p.93. {Response from Dr Garth A Taylor. 2/1995, p.40.}

- As Responder

Baťov. 2/1994, p.45.

Gronský, Ján [Gronsky, Jan]

Karel Jonáš - Czech patriot 1814 [sic] -1896. 3/1991, p.80.

Victims of injustice: Dr Milada Horáková. 3/1990, p.72.

Grund, Norbert (see Artists - Grund, Norbert.)

Guderna, Ladislav (see Artists - Guderna, Ladislav.)

Guitars (see Musical Instruments - Guitars.)

Guy, John

- As Questioner

Soviet occupation. 2/1986, p.17. {Response from Alan J Knight. 4/1986, p.34.}

Gymnasiums (see Secondary Schools.)

Gymnastic Organizations

Czechoslovak workers' gymnastic organizations. Brian C Day. 2/2007, p.48.