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Labels (see also Essays; Seals; Telegram Seals; Training Stamps.)

- Airmails

- Cash on Delivery

- Censorship

- Cinderellas

- - Wehrschatz Stamps

- Czechoslovak Forces in the Middle East

- General Štefánik [General Stefanik]

- Non Admis

- Political

- Registration

- Relief Organizations

- Returned Mail (see also Undelivered Mail.)

- Slovakia

- Sudetendeutsche Partei Propaganda Stamps

- United Nations. Relief and Rehabilitation Administration

- Used for Franking

Lace and Laces

Lada, Josef. 1887-1957 (see Artists - Lada, Josef. 1887-1957.)

Lake Klinger (see Klinger Tajch.)

Lake Rozgrund (see Rozgrund Tajch.)

Lakes (see Mountain Lakes Issue.)

Langhammer, Miloslav

Language and Languages (see also Slovak Language.)


- Nový Svět [Novy Svet]

Last Stamp of the Millennium Issue

Lazaretto (see Quarantine Stations.)

Lebeda, Otakar. 1877-1901 (see Artists - Lebeda, Otakar. 1877-1901.)

Ledeburk Garden

Lednice Castle

Legion (see Czech Legion; Field Post - French Foreign Legion; Roman Legions in Trenčin.)

Legionářské Issue [Legionarske Issue] (see Jubilee and Charity Issue of 1919.)

Leipzig (see Battles - Leipzig.)

Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich. 1870-1924


Letter Boxes

- 200th Anniversary

Letter Writing

- Czech

- Slovak

Levoča [Levoca] (see also Artists - Master Pavel of Levoča. c.1440-c1537.)

Leyden, Lucas van. 1494-1533 (see Artists - Leyden, Lucas van. 1494-1533.)

Ležáky [Lezaky] (see also Lidice.)

Lhoták, Kamil. 1912-1990 [Lhotak, Kamil] (see Artists - Lhoták, Kamil. 1912-1990.)

Liberated Republic Issue (see Chainbreaker Issue.)

Liberated Theatre Issues

- Souvenir Sheet

- Stamps


- 1990. 45th Anniversary

Liberation Issues, 1945 (see London Heroes Issue; Masaryk, Thomas Garrigue. 1850-1937. President of Czechoslovakia. 1918-1937 - 1945. Moscow Issue; Provisional and Revolutionary Overprints, 1945 - Skalice Issue.)


- Czech National Library

- Prague Municiplal Library

Lidice (see also Ležáky.)

- 2012. 70th Anniversary

Liechtenstein Family

Liesler, Josef. 1912-2005 (see Artists - Liesler, Josef. 1912-2005.)


Lime Tree, Singing (see Singing Lime Tree.)

Limes Romanus


Dobrovský, Josef. 1753-1829 [Dobrovsky, Josef] (see Writers - Dobrovský, Josef. 1753-1829.)

Lion of Bohemia (see Field Post - Siberia - Lion of Bohemia.)

Lipč [Lipc]

Lipizzaner Horses

Liptovský Mikuláš [Liptovsky Mikulas]

Literature Museum, Prague (see Museums - Prague - Museum of National Literature.)


- Senefelder, Alois. 1771-1834

Litomyšl Castle [Litomysl Castle]

Little Entente (see Petite Entente.)

Lizards (see Salamanders.)

Lniště [Lniste]

- Bušek Water-Forging Hammer [Busek Water-Forging Hammer]


Loew ben Bezalel, Judah. c1525-1609

London Czech Committee

London Heroes Issue

London Souvenir Sheet. 1943

Loreto Tower

Love Stamp

Low Tatras

- National Park

Ľubovňa Castle [Lubovna Castle]

Luhačovice [Luhacovice]

- Jurkovič House [Jurkovic House]

Luxembourg (see House of Luxembourg.)