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Laaksonen, Seppo

Skalica, 11 April thru 13 May 1945. 1/2000, p.15.

- As Responder

Bilingual registration labels. 3/1990, p.50.

ČSP on Slovak postmark. 3/1990, p.50.

Postal rates. 3/1990, p.50; 4/1990, p.76.

Labels (see also Essays; Seals; Telegram Seals; Training Stamps.)

Essays and proofs. Query from Robert Peden. 2/2005, p.52. {Response from John Pojeta Jr, J Barry Horne. 3/2005, p.84.}

Unknown label. Query from Valerie Jean Kramer. 3/2014, p.7.

Unknown labels. Query from Geoffrey Kalp. 4/1980, p.38. {Response from Geoffrey Kalp. 2/1981, p.52.}

- Airmails

Airmails: German labels. Query from Ian J Bagnall. 3/1983, p.32. {Response from Ronald Hollis. 4/1983, p.46.}

Display: my favorites. Yvonne Gren. 1/2008, p.2.

- Cash on Delivery

C.O.D. label. Query from Robert Bradford. 1/1994, p.5. {Response from Alan J Knight. 1/1994, p.5.}

- Censorship

Czech censorship in Paris 1919. Query from Robin Pizer. 4/2006, p.114. {Response from Brian C Day. 1/2007, p.26.}

Interesting covers: Jiří Mucha. Brian C Day. 3/2007, p.71.

- Cinderellas

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- - Wehrschatz Stamps

Cinderella stamps of Bohemia and Czechoslovakia Part 1 Bohemia; Wehrschatz stamps. C H Blasé. 1/2004, p.6.

- Czechoslovak Forces in the Middle East

Middle east field post labels. Query from Colin D Smith. 3/1992, p.54.

- General Štefánik [General Stefanik]

Labels. Query from William Alexander Page. 3/1983, p.32. {Response from J Barry Horne. 4/2001, p.104.}

- Non Admis

Current philatelic literature [Title varies]. Peter Ibbotson. 3/1980, p.23. {Comment: Czech follow-up. Peter Ibbotson. 1/1981, p.42.}

- Political

Communist authority to support anti-war movement. Lubor Kunc. 4/2007, p.119.

Czechoslovak-Soviet Union friendship society stamp. Query from Robert J Hill. 4/1996, p.94.

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Patriotic label. Query from Lubor Kunc. 3/2004, p.87.

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- Registration

90 Years celebration of the Czech postal service special registration labels. Tony Moseley. 2/2009, p.58.

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- Relief Organizations

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- Returned Mail (see also Undelivered Mail.)

Returned from Czechoslovakia. Douglas N Muir. 4/2012, p.80.

- Slovakia

65th anniversary of stamps of the Slovak Republic. Svätopluk Šablatúra, translated by Robert Kingsley. 3/1998, p.73.

- Sudetendeutsche Partei Propaganda Stamps

Sudetendeutsche Partei Propaganda Stamps. Tony Moseley. 3/2017, p.21. {Comment: Related cinderella. Rex A Dixon. 3/2017, p.22.}

- United Nations. Relief and Rehabilitation Administration

UNRRA 558. Richard Wheatley. 4/2011, p.77.

- Used for Franking

Label used as stamp. Robert J Hill. 3/2007, p.85.

Lace and Laces (SG Czech Republic 359-360; POFIS Česká Republica 352-353)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2003, p.59.

Lachowicz, Krzysztof

Polish field post in Operation Danube, Czechoslovakia 1968. 2/1997, p.36.

Lada, Josef. 1887-1957 (see Artists - Lada, Josef. 1887-1957.)

Lake Klinger (see Klinger Tajch.)

Lake Rozgrund (see Rozgrund Tajch.)

Lakes (see Mountain Lakes Issue.)

Landsmann, Horst

German civil censorship during WWII. 1/2010, p.3.

Langhammer, Miloslav

Langhammer, Miloslav. Lubor Kunc. 3/2008, p.65.

Language and Languages (see also Slovak Language.)

CZeCHoslovakia. Rex A Dixon. 3/1998, p.72. {Comment: CZeCHoslovakia. John L Whiteside. 4/1998, p.94.}


- Nový Svět [Novy Svet] (SG Czech Republic 382; POFIS Česká Republica 381)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2003, p.124.

Last Stamp of the Millennium Issue (SG Czech Republic 286; POFIS Česká Republica 279)

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Lauer, Robert

Cancelled Czech: re-Germanization of six town cancellers. 4/2019, p.16. {Comment: Postscript. Robert lauer. 2/2020, p.16; Letter. Hartmut Liebermann. 2/2020, p.21; Response. Robert lauer. 2/2020, p.22.}

400 haler Hradčany types and subtypes: a postscript. 4/2021, p.10.

400 haler Hradčany" types and subtypes. 3/2020, p.8.

Hradčany postal stationery cards. 1/2019, p.10.

Postscript. 2/2020, p.16.

Response. 2/2020, p.22.

Usage of Hungarian stamps and postal stationery in early Czechoslovakia. 3/2016, p.11.

Lazaretto (see Quarantine Stations.)

Leary, M K

Another 'used' Štefánik cover. 2/1988, p.21.

Lebeda, Otakar. 1877-1901 (see Artists - Lebeda, Otakar. 1877-1901.)

Ledeburk Garden (SG Czech Republic MS550; POFIS Česká Republica A562)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2008, p.53.

Lednice Castle (SG Czechoslovakia 3103; POFIS Československo 3020)

New issues. Alan J Knight. 3/1992, p.73.

Lee, Ernie

Czechoslovak air force 1945-1957. [Czech, English] 1/2007, p.6.

Legion (see Czech Legion; Field Post - French Foreign Legion; Roman Legions in Trenčin.)

Legionářské Issue [Legionarske Issue] (see Jubilee and Charity Issue of 1919.)

Leipzig (see Battles - Leipzig.)

Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich. 1870-1924 (SG Czechoslovakia 3007; POFIS Československo 2924)

New issues. Alan J Knight. 1/1990, p.23.

Lesola (SG Slovakia 405; POFIS Slovenská R. 287)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2003, p.62.

Letter Boxes

- 200th Anniversary (SG Czech Republic Awaiting Number; POFIS Česká Republica 945)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2017, p.27.

Letter Writing

- Czech (SG Czech Republic 547; POFIS Česká Republica 560)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2008, p.53.

- Slovak (SG Slovakia 533; POFIS Slovenská R. 422)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2008, p.118.

Levoča [Levoca] (SG Slovakia 148b; POFIS Slovenská R. 262) (see also Artists - Master Pavel of Levoča. c.1440-c1537.)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2002, p.85.

Lewy, Edgar

Children's help fund - March 7, 1938. 2/1990, p.29.

Leyden, Lucas van. 1494-1533 (see Artists - Leyden, Lucas van. 1494-1533.)

Ležáky [Lezaky] (see also Lidice.)

Fates of the children from Lidice and Ležáky. Mark Wilson, reviewed by Yvonne Wheatley. 1/2018, p.8.

Křižovatky času – Ležáky v datech (The village of Ležáky). [Czech] Jarmila Doležalová, Michaela Doležalová, reviewed by Tony Moseley. 3/2008, p.67.

Lhoták, Kamil. 1912-1990 [Lhotak, Kamil] (see Artists - Lhoták, Kamil. 1912-1990.)

Liberated Republic Issue (see Chainbreaker Issue.)

Liberated Theatre Issues

- Souvenir Sheet (SG Czech Republic MS98; POFIS Česká Republica A87)

New issues [Czech]. Alan J Knight. 4/1995, p.95.

- Stamps

Unusual recent printing style. Alan J Knight. 2/1995, p.38.


American liberation of Czechoslovakia 1945. Robert J Hill. 1/2012, p.14.

Liberation of Czechoslovakia. Savoy Horvath. 3/2007, p.77. {Comment: Liberation of Czechoslovakia. Richard Beith. 4/2007, p.101.}

Universal Postal Union [during and following World War II]. Helen G Kelly, Vicente Tuason, Robert J Hill, J Husák. 4/2007, p.104.

- 1990. 45th Anniversary (SG Czechoslovakia 3022; POFIS Československo 2939)

New issues. Alan J Knight. 2/1990, p.44.

Liberation Issues, 1945 (see London Heroes Issue; Masaryk, Thomas Garrigue. 1850-1937. President of Czechoslovakia. 1918-1937 - 1945. Moscow Issue; Provisional and Revolutionary Overprints, 1945 - Skalice Issue.)


- Czech National Library (SG Czech Republic 920; POFIS Česká Republica 975)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2018, p.26.

- Prague Municiplal Library (SG Czech Republic 915; POFIS Česká Republica 961)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 1/2018, p.28.

Lidice (see also Ležáky.)

Fates of the children from Lidice and Ležáky. Mark Wilson, reviewed by Yvonne Wheatley. 1/2018, p.8.

First day cover from Lidice. Wojiech Kierstan. 1/2014, p.17.

Monument to parachutists to be unveiled. Oskar Exner. 2/2009, p.44.

Village that refused to die. Theodor Troev. 2/1992, p.31.

- 2012. 70th Anniversary (SG Czech Republic 688, 690; POFIS Česká Republica 722-723)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2012, p.39.

Lidova Demokracie

Jindra Schmidt. 2/1982, p.92.

Lieberman, Hartmut

Remarks on 'Usage of War hero Stamps'. 1/2017, p.17.

Liebermann, Hartmut

Commemorative postmarks of German origin used after the end of WW II. 2/2014, p.13.

Erratum. 3/2003, p.96.

Football and philately: a dangerous mixture! 2/2009, p.38.

From the Austro-Hungarian Empire to an independent Czechoslovakia. 1/2020, p.13.

From the Kiggdom of Bohemia to the Czechoslovak Republic 1198-1920. 3/2014, p.16.

- As Responder

Certificate issued to a farmer. 4/2003, p.122.

Covers: Prague address. 1/2010, p.23.

Expertise marks? 3/2006, p.83.

Parcel stickers. 1/2012, p.25.

Rokitnitz. 2/2007, p.55.

- As Reviewer

German occupation of the Protectorate as a subject of social philately. 3/2019, p.20.

New specialized Slovak postal stationery catalogue. 4/2016, p.10.


Letter. 2/2020, p.21.

Liechtenstein Family

Selected personalities and buildings of WWI. Lubor Kunc. 4/2010, p.101.

Liesler, Josef. 1912-2005 (see Artists - Liesler, Josef. 1912-2005.)

Lily (SG Czech Republic 421; POFIS Česká Republica 423)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 1/2005, p.21.

Lime Tree, Singing (see Singing Lime Tree.)

Limes Romanus (SG Slovakia MS571; POFIS Slovenská R. 459-460)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2009, p.113.

Lindley, Philip

- As Questioner

Great Britain: Czech forces in Windsor. 3/2000, p.79. {Response from Richard Beith, Vladimir J Králiček. 4/2000, p.111; Response from Derek Walker. 2/2001, p.47; Response from Heinz Vogel, Lubor Kunc. 3/2001, p.72; Response from Heinz Vogel, Lubor Kunc. 4/2001, p.104; Response from Richard Beith. 2/2003, p.46.}


- Dobrovský, Josef. 1753-1829 [Dobrovsky, Josef] (see Writers - Dobrovský, Josef. 1753-1829.)

Lion of Bohemia (see Field Post - Siberia - Lion of Bohemia.)

Lipč [Lipc]

Location of Lipča. Query from Robert J Hill. 1/1999, p.19. {Response from Jan Dodrovolný, Dr Juan E Page, Jan Verleg. 2/1999, p.43; Response from Rex A Dixon. 2/1999, p.44.}

Lipizzaner Horses (SG Slovakia MS474; POFIS Slovenská R. 360)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2005, p.89.

Liptovský Mikuláš [Liptovsky Mikulas] (SG Slovakia 432; POFIS Slovenská R. 317)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2004, p.62.

Literature Museum, Prague (see Museums - Prague - Museum of National Literature.)


- Senefelder, Alois. 1771-1834 (SG Czechoslovakia 3054; POFIS Československo 2975)

New issues. Alan J Knight. 1/1991, p.23.

Litomyšl Castle [Litomysl Castle] (SG Czech Republic 341; POFIS Česká Republica 333)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2002, p.115.

Little Entente (see Petite Entente.)

Littlejohn, David

Foreign legions of the Third Reich, vol 3. 4/2001, p.103.

Livingston, Brian

- As Reviewer

Czechoslovak independent armoured brigade in France and their return home, 1944-1945. 3/2015, p.9.

Free Czechoslovak forces in France 1939-40. 3/2015, p.9.

Lizards (see Salamanders.)

Lniště [Lniste]

- Bušek Water-Forging Hammer [Busek Water-Forging Hammer] (SG Czech Republic 389; POFIS Česká Republica 389)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2004, p.58.

Lobbenberg, Peter

- As Responder

Czech refugee fund. 1/2013, p.26.

Locomotives (SG Czech Republic MS264; POFIS Česká Republica 254-255)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Knight. 2/2000, p.52.

Loew ben Bezalel, Judah. c1525-1609 (SG Czech Republic 584; POFIS Česká Republica 600)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 3/2009, p.87.

London Czech Committee

Postcard of interest; London Czech committee. Brian C Day. 2/2005, p.38.

London Heroes Issue (SG Czechoslovakia 427-442; POFIS Československo 387-402)

Men of the London issue. [Czech] Karel Černý, reviewed by Robert Kingsley. 2/2008, p.37; 2/2016, p.9.

Men of the London issue. Yvonne Wheatley. 3/2016, p.21.

Usage of the war heroes stamps. Richard Wheatley. 4/2016, p.18. {Comment: Remarks on 'Usage of War hero Stamps'. Hartmut Liebermann. 1/2017, p.17; Response from Richard Wheatley. 1/2017, p.17.}

War heroes memorials. Derek Walker. 4/2016, p.25.

London Souvenir Sheet. 1943

Exhibition of Czechoslovak stamps in London. William Alexander Page. 3/1987, p.37.

Loreto Tower (SG Czech Republic 135; POFIS Česká Republica 120)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Knight. 3/1996, p.77.

Love Stamp (SG Czech Republic 180; POFIS Česká Republica 169)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Knight. 1/1998, p.23.

Low Tatras

- National Park (SG Slovakia MS642; POFIS Slovenská R. 524-525)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 4/2012, p.97.

Lővei, György [Lovei, Gyorgy]

FIP Exhibition Budapest 2022. 2/2021, p.11.

Sixtieth anniversarry of the 1953 monetary reform. 4/2013, p.18.

Ľubovňa Castle [Lubovna Castle] (SG Slovakia 643; POFIS Slovenská R. 526)

New issues [Slovak]. Lindy Bosworth. 1/2013, p.29.

Luhačovice [Luhacovice]

- Jurkovič House [Jurkovic House] (SG Czech Republic 503; POFIS Česká Republica 512)

New issues [Czech]. Lindy Bosworth. 2/2007, p.59.

Lütgens, Rainer E [Lutgens, Rainer E]

Deutsches Reich - Postgebührenkatalog 1923 bis 1945. [German] 4/1996, p.83.

Fremdarbelterpost. [German] 4/2005, p.94.

Luxembourg (see House of Luxembourg.)

Lybaniak, Peter

Postal history of Ukraine: Ukrainian legion postcards. [Ukrainian, English] 3/2004, p.71.