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CPSGB Library

The Society espouses the philosophy that information should be a freely available commodity, that interested collectors should be able to access the Society library. To that end it posts on this page digital copies of books in its Library. These books are not for sale but you may read the entire book by clicking on its title.

Essays From the Monografie

Volume II

The Lost Issues: Legionářské; Masaryk 1920; Husita; Red Cross

The Dove

Liberated Republic

Agriculture and Science 1920/1923 with Air and Postage Due Overprints

Volume III

Masaryk: The Intaglio Issues

Volume IV

1919 Postage Due Issue

Sevenhuijsen: Corrections to the Monografie's 1919 Postage Due Issue

Mucha Newspaper Stamps

1925 Provisional Newspaper Stamps

1928 Postage Due Issue

Express Stamps

Personal Delivery Stamps